practical car 4 models sold out of this year " talisman ", tens of dollars can easily get

paragraph 4 of practical car sold out of stock this year " talisman ", dozens of yuan will be able to easy to get

as the country has become increasingly strong, and ordinary people also grew up rich, and more and more families are choosing private car as a means of transport.

however many novice drivers are hoping their driving technology can upgrade at an early date. actually technical things also need to behave in this regard, a number of practical car artifact can auxiliary driving, let your driving feeling doubled, trip more safe and convenient.

marvel series car parking temporary parking card

with a convenient, and has a convenient, temporary parking stickers, let your parking worries, cartoon shape, cool cute, leaving your phone on, maybe will also have aventure oh, hey ~

u disk mp3 music car carrier 16g

the car with music, dynamic and full of wood there, this car music u disk, compact appearance there are more than 2000 in the first lossless songs, as well as more than 800 hd movies, plug and play listen, torment will no longer be of inferior quality.

driving people all know, the car has a blind spot, and how to avoid these gaps is a thing in the short term let are a headache, too often because these gaps, to make their car to get hurt, paragraph small round mirror can be easily resolved

car small round mirror blind spot mirror

360 degree adjustable, can effectively protect the body dead. and it can increase the pilot observer dead, contribute to the travel safety

used car knock knock touch is inevitable in the process of, when open the car door, rub to the side of things, or when parking, two car collision distance is too close to the lead to the door, just a scrape all maintenance costs it is a few hundred, go for their car put a scratch on it, some small friction that could easily be avoided, escort for your car

car door bumper strip

the material of waterproof rain, rain is not afraid of contaminated with can 't, effective to protect the body will not be scratch, scrape loss. small size, does not affect the car of aesthetics.

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