passengers find hotel pillow there are tens of thousands of yuan in cash, but be cheerful, against complaints hotel ~

passengers find hotel pillows have tens of thousands of yuan in cash, but be cheerful, against complaints hotel ~

a man when staying in a hotel in a land, when they are ready for departure, habitual search falling objects, with the result that an accident in a pillow inside found tens of thousands of yuan in cash.

but surnamed lu be cheerful, instead of immediately alarm, and complaints about the hotel. hotel health complaints are not in place, no change pillowcases.

actually the hotel health work was always being criticized for not aids, in addition to pillowcases there are many inequalities in health in place of the local, first of all, that the kettle.

the kettle 's appearance looks very clean, however, no one knows what do to him in front of a guest, i learned that people used to cook clothes, or under a tight

folding kettle traveling abroad

recommendations to go out with a folded kettle, does not occupy space, folding after haven 't phone high, safe silicone, universal. health and safety.

there are also hotels with toilet cleaner washing of cups, pictures can see the upper right corner there is a bottle of toilet cleaner, sink in the water is blue, you know.

tea cup isolated

best oneself carry out of a cup, want this section cups diversity, with creative tea warehouse, can be used as a teapot, tea soup don 't too strong, this is ordinary glass can 't do.

[cup] or to remove tea warehouse, warehouse as a tea cup with tea, a total of there are five or six form of use, is the gospel of love tea.

travel tooth cup wash cup

mouth wash suit best oneself to carry, because you don 't know that there are no toilet cleaners, stylish, compact and portable.

50 pack disposable compressed towel

whether there are hotel towel disinfection also don 't know, it is best not to use, can carry small compression towel, candy size.

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