paragraph 8 of pregnant women eat more healthy snacks you build?

paragraph 8 of pregnant women eat more healthy snacks you build?

fei green snack food nutrition for pregnant women

increased nutritional needs of women during pregnancy, at meal time when don 't eat too full, but also makes you hungry between meals, appropriate additional point energy is very important at this time. sing it, something to eat? the choice of what food, can for themselves and their child baby nutrition bonus points?

pregnant women casual dried fruit sweet and sour angle

suo fresh fruits rich in vitamin and dietary fiber, and is alkaline food, makes the blood neutral or weakly alkaline, for the maintenance of the body very good health, mothers to ensure every day to eat the right amount of fruit, fruit is dinner outside the mothers can not lack of great food.

qianxi chestnut flavor pregnant

also known as the chestnut chestnut, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, a variety of a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, have the effect of spleen and stomach blood hemostasis,壮行mothers eat chestnut can not only fitness, but also beneficial to the mature of the pelvis, as well as the elimination of the role of fatigue.

big crispy melon seeds snacks boiled pregnant women

fresh melon seeds are often fried after eating, it is nutritious, is indispensable in people 's lives snacks. instead of sunflower seeds in the crowd. sunflower seeds are rich in quality protein, unsaturated fatty acid, mothers often eat sunflower seeds for baby brain development has great benefits.

pregnant women handmade milk cheese cookies

cheese is a fermented milk products, so its nutritional value higher than milk, so rich in nutrition, for mothers that, certainly belong to a nice snack. but because of the cheese is a high calorie, high fat foods, therefore, mothers must pay attention to the right amount of intake.

combination preserves snacks casual pregnant women

plum rich in vitamins and fiber, but also rich in iron, its sweet and sour taste, can be stimulates the appetite, had always been a mothers favorite snacks. the sugar content of the large zo, mothers eat when must pay attention to, the best choice of low sugar dried fruit to eat.

original pistachio nut snacks pregnant

pistachio is the heat within the body, essential fatty acids in polyunsaturated fatty acids, magnesium and phosphorus the main source of, but it is also high in protein, calcium, iron and the main source of b vitamins. and pistachio nuts are rich in oil, mothers often eat pistachio on fetal baby brain development useful, can enhance the child baby intelligence.

high fiber digestive biscuit snack pregnant

hereafter midterm pregnancy, mothers need to appropriately increase! food intake, hungry will eat in a timely manner, and when it comes to replenish their energy and most convenient snack, would not be bread and biscuits and belong to a, prevent constipation, but also can add more comprehensive nutrition, is a good choice when meals.

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