open end with you new model, the annual flagship huawei mate 9 around those awesome

open end with you new model, the annual flagship huawei mate 9 around those awesome

huawei Mate series has been the flagship flagship end business, whereas the annual finale mate 9 could be considered in the near future has most of heavy products, one of the most expensive porsche edition to attract a lot of attention, So full of bigger design, it is a new generation of sportsman essential luxury single product.

covering 3d surface membrane

Mate9 hyperboloid screen design used for the first time, in order to better protect stickers membrane became get mobile phone the first thing to do, this pet film with a new paragraph soft edges, surface high hardness, no broken edge flex, prevent scratch of the produce, the use of longer life, screen clearly have more clear vision.

for huawei mate 9 delicate appearance and restrained, back curved border, whole feel is also very good, one of the characteristics of other is thin, is thin fuselage and put a big " 5.9 " stand inch screen, the whole mobile phone becomes a lot more sense of science and technology.

aluminum alloy creative car phone holder

phone holder has become necessities to be, when driving for the liberation of his hands, see navigation more convenient. this is what you 're looking for mechanical aluminum metal stents, fashion lightweight rugged, with affordable cars the top of the bracket, triggered automatically position memory function, can 360 degree rotating, place the mobile gear automatic tightening.

[H2] polymer charge treasure charge type-c

a paragraph with matching mate9 type-c fast charging treasure, application of Polymers to A + batteries, performance is quite outstanding, mah high capacity, way to put the filling technology, faster and more secure, high quality aviation aluminum alloy fuselage, to the right hand of the comfort, to force the grid with the strength of both.

speaking of how can less popular brands mobile phone shell? it not only can better protect your phone, but also can make cell phone more high color value, more good to show their personality.

full edging matte hard protective cover

this is a full hemming paragraph of mobile phone shell, it can with mobile phone perfect fit, so you cell phone genuine drop, bare shell 0.9mm, give the super lightweight thin bare fiber feel, with one of the ring stand, convenient hand control, can 360 degree rotating, anytime anywhere chase drama, more let you fondle admiringly.

slim leather business phone shell

simple business series leather phone shell, attractive choice for business people, using the first layer of pure leather manual folding process, texture is very delicate, embedded magnetic iron holster, cell phone holster can be adsorbed in the car on stand, very convenient, the combination of fashion and classic, showcase the extraordinary style, absolute high force grid faction

old driver of all know: drive along dial mobile phone, charge 3 hours, a penalty of 100 dollars. for used cell phones for old driver for driving car, which is equipped with a comfortable, long battery life good bluetooth headset, voice is indispensable oh

wireless bluetooth earphones mini invisible

super mini bluetooth headset on the popularity of high, don 't underestimate it small, its function and large immediately, they could be about 5 hours of continuous playback songs for voice calls; standby time 30 days! imported chip stereo hd quality, perfect invisible ear does not flash, convenient of a key switch, let people once you fell in love with.

dragged FOUR USB3.0 splitter hub

with the development of science and technology, usb interface equipment is more and more around us today, the interface is not enough to do? that this section multifunctional usb3.0 splitter hub becomes very practical, plug and play, with features such as charging, high speed transmission, fully staffed.

that technology has changed our lives, touch phone projector will cool black technology concept into reality, anytime anywhere enjoy 200 INCH 3D cinema.

excellent sheng 3d micro projector mobile phone

compact and mini size, xpress to carry, in addition to can watch live tv and film outside, also can be directly open PPT, word, excel, etc. office software, used for office presentations, also can use it to plug mouse and keyboard or a game controller, every functions let you fondle admiringly on it.

huawei Type-c fast charging data cable

Type-c data cable for huawei, positive points pros sided insert random, compatibility stronger, three-dimensional diamond noodle line, no wound, no longer fear as a result of repeated pulling on stigmas, zinc alloy fittings, useful life is 3 times that of ordinary joints, oxygen free copper wire CORE, 3A flash charge, effective speed charging 40%.

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