only spring have qinghuo food, a flash in the pan, the spring must eat oh

only spring have qinghuo food, a flash in the pan, the spring must eat oh

" born of amur silvergrass春洲sprouts, spring fly yanghwajin coast. " admiring the beauty of spring when there are lots of people in distress and dry climate is easy to get angry, pharynx and larynx swelling, bleeding gums, in addition to the beauty of things grow in spring has also provided us with many of the fire natural food.

chinese toon, also called the " spring bud ", in each year guyu before and after the season, chinese toon new buds will hanging over the branches, so called " tree of vegetables ". but with detoxification, spleen qi, the efficacy of sterilization resistant, is leading in vegetables persons.

marinated braised toon

cedar also has a lot of variety of eating, " " has maintained a unique flavor of chinese toon toona braised, scent in a spicy smell, in spicy incense products, smooth taste, unique flavor, and appetizers, and delicious, is the traditional green food.

bamboo has characteristics of low fat, low sugar, more fiber, edible shoots not only can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, improve digestion, and has the efficacy of prevention of colorectal cancer. it belongs to the natural low fat, low calorie foods, is very suitable for some obese eat.

fresh bamboo shoots heat

after the beginning of spring, shoots of walk on the steps of light rain come, fresh, juicy. at this time of the most tender, the most fresh, the most crisp bamboo shoots. bamboo shoots bamboo shoots in a year when the most tender and white, sweet, heat diuresis, very suitable for dry spring edible.

eat garlic is good for a person 's health, it has obvious hypolipidemic effects and prevention of coronary heart disease and artery hardening of the role, protecting liver, and also can prevent blood clot formation. it can also block cancer synthetic substances, had a role to play in protecting against cancer.

miyun organic garlic

garlic contains a variety of nutrients, pathogens and parasites are a good killing effect, can to prevent influenza, to prevent wound infection, treatment of infectious diseases and the effectiveness of insecticide. also has a relieving swollen, antivirus, scattered gas, spleen and stomach function.

in the warmth of spring, many flowers are also share of clearing away heat, tea is a modern favorite a kind of drinking tea drinks, different have different efficacy of herbal tea, role, not only beauty beauty, detoxification, also can increase immunity, is very beneficial in spring.

beauty tea roses

the nature of rose tea mild, can help conditioning blood, reduce anger, often drink tea roses can get rid of dark spots on the skin, make the skin whitening natural, but also to eliminate fatigue, wound healing, to protect the stomach function, long-term drinking could also help to promote metabolism.

gold imperial chrysanthemum chrysanthemum tea

chamomile is one of the chinese herbal medicine, drink chrysanthemum tea can lower blood pressure, to eliminate cancer cells, antibacterial, long-term drinking can increase the body 's calcium, lower cholesterol, is very suitable for drinking in the elderly, chrysanthemum tea aroma, can be refreshing, relaxation.

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