old driver of car maintenance tips, learn to never go 4S shop flower wronged money

old driver of car maintenance tips, learn to never go 4S shop flower wronged money

first of all if you are very rich, then go to 4s shop car care nothing wrong, but the majority of owners or comparison want to save money, and really easy to buy a car to take words were not maintained properly, as a senior old driver, i could teach you a few conservation methods.

actually do it yourself maintenance vehicles is also not difficult, as long as do the cleaning, repair your car will as like a new car with a smooth finish.

auto glass repair tool kit

such as window glass resulted in the creation of small cracks, change the entire susceptible to several thousand yuan, don 't change and unattractive. in fact you can buy a glass repair device, do it yourself can be easily repaired.

automotive supplies supermarket car cleaning mud snail

as well as car outlet clean difficult, but this kind of clean soft can easily remove dust, soft soft feel especially good.

used for cleaning the keyboard is also a good worker, a thing dual, very cheaper, old cars please try it out, gray and more you don 't dare to think of.

ground morning car glass fogging agent

a touch of foggy weather, lathe glass on ambiguous incredibly, i recommend you use auto defogging agents, scrub finished window there will be no water mist can guarantee for half a month.

up paint pen white pearl

cars are not careful wipe out a little traces, GO to 4S shop repair although not expensive, but the old the driver will prepare with paint repair pen, be careful in the abrasions to the secretariat, it is easy to get.

can look out after the repair effect is very good, the whole paint very smooth, just as there are no repaired like, if you are careful enough.

dust duster car wash brush soft bristle brush

choose soft bristle cleaning brush conducive to play a more foam, cleaning effect is better, and at the same time soft bristle will not scratch the paint.

thick genuine leather large deerskin towel

car cleaning cloth can not use ordinary cloth, won 't rub clean also stay maomao may have residues, i chose to use this particular material cloth, absorbent and durable.

can see this cloth is very big, very big advantage is save time and effort, carried out in a short time frame clean.

car dashboard wax dashboard

car dashboard and leather cushion conservation issues is also a challenge, in my old driver friends give me recommend this spray, use it after cleaning the dashboard as good as new.

servant special car wax polish conservation

when don 't forget to give yourself a car care car wax, car after finish is simply as good as new, my driver friends are your wax.

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