old chinese explanation, " stuck " on the body vulnerable to disease! to bring you the best diet to clear the law

old explained, " stuck " on the body vulnerable to disease! to bring you the best diet to clear the law

premium genuine wild clove tea

stomach tea also can be oh. this spicy clove茶性temperature, with temperature in jiangni, kidney yang, aromatic stomachic, dispels wind and cold, analgesic antispasmodic, and enhance the effectiveness of digestive function. drink it every day, allowing you to more nourishing stomach more healthy.

nanshan nuclear hawthorn dry

can be a single taste of application, may also be linked to the divine comedy, malt, radish seed such as compatibility, strengthen the digestion of the plot of merit. its contains vitamin c, vitamin b, carotene and a variety of organic acids, oral can increase the digestive enzymes in the stomach the secretion of, as a component of the protease, fatty acids, can promote the decomposition of meat digestion.

[H2] janimani wax gourd lotus leaf tea

why bullshit? fart on your digestive system problem, didn 't timely discharge of toxins of body. lotus leaf tea contains a lot of fiber, can promote colon peristalsis, help defecation and thus can remove toxin, effective mitigation of such a thing as too much bullshit.

gui yan barley barley flour konjac

barley seedlings in dietary fiber, can help us to satiety of at the same time, clear the stomach, accelerate the gastrointestinal metabolism, from the value into the intestines detoxification diet, don 't forget to maintain taste oh.

small jujube xinjiang jujube specialty hetian chang

jujube is a kind of blood and stomach of the food. often eat dates not only can stomach, also can effectively improve people 's immune ability, makes the body more health, have a few dates every two days, you will find that your stomach has more and more health.

red bean barley flour yam

red beans in barley flour is rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help defecation, prevent constipation of the phenomenon. women who regularly eat beans of words, can promote blood circulation, enhance physical strength, improve the body immunity power effect oh.

constipation intestines bowel huaijiao tea

huaijiao tea is a very good tea and he can not only smooth run will help us to excrete toxins, and ufa role of caring for your skin, beauty lady 's drink of choice.

if the edge of the guilin mangosteen han

luohanguo tea selection of manufactured by cryogenic ultrafine grinding of dried fruit, fruit in medicine, sweet, and cooler, heat lungs, hua chang laxative. can be used for lung fire dry cough, sore throat aphonia, intestinal dry constipation caused by fat embolism. luohanguo general boil water decoction, on its production by the weak tea water color.

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