NFL Hollywood Boot Camp Looks Like Way Too Much Fun

The NFL just wrapped its second-annual Pro Hollywood Boot Camp, which introduces players to acting and filmmaking.

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Here Dolphins defensive end Jared Odrick sneaks a peek at the script for Et Tu, Brute, one of two original short films that players made.

At right, former fullback Terrelle Smith and former linebacker Corey Mays.

The other film centers on a post-apocalyptic fight for survival. Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko sure enjoyed this scene with Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Getting sucked into a jet engine? Not as much as fun.

Besides all the stunt work and screen time, there is also some academic study.

Next season, if it seems like McCoy is hunting down QBs as if his life depended on it, there is a reason for that.

Post-apocalyptic bounty hunter? Nope, just ex-linebacker Ben Leber.

Wide receiver Ramses Barden was especially inspired during one break in filming.

No idea what is happening here, but it better make the final cut.

Same goes for this display.

Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack probably never wants to go back to the NFL!

Darrius Heyward-Bey, director? Well, maybe if that whole receiving thing flames out.

In all, 22 players participated this time around.

Next year, we might suggest adding ALL THE REST OF THEM.

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