new method of rapid propagation of rose, 30 days can get a big rose, was soon able to blossom

new methods of rapid propagation of rose, 30 days can get a big rose, soon can flourish

likes to keep the rose flower friends of many? you start breeding had a rose? a lot of people tell me the rose of good breeding, get a rose branches inserted in the water or in the soil could survive, if only the seedlings grow too slowly, until flowering seedlings not know what time it was.

small make up is also very like rose, so specifically with roses by reading a rapid propagation of agronomy method, not only a survival rate of 100%, and big and strong seedlings, even 'll can blossom, do not believe? growers are together and see how i did it.

choose big rose flowers has been completely wood branches, in bud 1 cm out with girdling knife, necessarily it is necessary to have the intensity of, sure to pay attention to don 't put branches cut deep, cut deep windy when let broken branches, in process of girdling girdling knife best once completed because of repeated girdling encountered strong winds on the branches broken!

potted flowers and plants rooting powder

put a bag of abt, loaded into 2 of water into the bottle, and then put the rooting powder stir uniformity, to leave a bag of rooting powder, to the loaded into 2 of water in the bottle, and then put the rooting powder stir evenly

pure dried sphagnum plants

and then put the sphagnum good rooting powder blender soaking in the water.

on the basis of the good skin peel height, to determine how high shear plastic cup, according to thickness of branches decided to plastic bottles at the bottom of the hole size, as far as possible and as thick as branches. make a hole at the bottom of the plastic bottle, so ease of operation, small round hole at the bottom of the bottle can be customized according to the branches thickness of branded out size, good effect of chucking branches.

the plastic bottle set into the branches, glued, then loaded back into the already soaked in rooting powder good of sphagnum, full after the plastic bottle to be wrapped with tape.

grafted every 7 days to see the bag, if water shortage, please use the disposable syringes inside water injection, about 30 days or so you will you make the harvest had a fresh rose flowers, high pressure grafting hundred percent of survival!

30 days away is such, seedling root big!

bonsai rose seedlings

friends if you think this is still relatively trouble, that small part can only be said you could go to the flower market directly buy seedlings it

rose cuttings seedlings potted

if you want to try some of friend, also can try, small make up using this method really very effective.

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