natural origin, carpenter mats mat

natural origin, carpenter mats mat

carpenter sided mat mats bamboo mat

this section of bamboo mat, bamboo root after polishing, polishing to make bamboo three-dimensional surface special smooth, feel comfortable, establishment of close, smooth without burr.

three sets of double sided bamboo and rattan mat

this is a paragraph of sided bamboo and rattan mat, smooth skin, widening edging design, more attention is focused on quality; can be folding storage more convenient; gave rattan pillowcase.

ice silk 1.2 double folding seats mat

double sided available, opposite is prepared by jacquard ice silk seat mat rich and elegant pattern, 3d stereo preparation make the mat finish more breathable and durable.

carpenter m bed folding rattan seats mat three piece

this subsection applies to 1.8, 1.5 bed,, rattan seats fell asleep very soft, not stiff, suitable for the elderly and children; it also can be folded storage very convenient.

ice silk three piece carpenter

this paragraph ice silk seat suitable for infants, the elderly and the poor health of women at the option of the, heated comfortable, ice which is not cool.

carpenter baby mat child rattan seats

cool without ice, mat surface thermostatic 26-28 °, cool and comfortable, baby sleep until a natural wake up; seat surface smooth and delicate, no glitches, cool and comfortable, breathable skin, can sleep at ease oh, also can be folded convenient storage.

carpenter mat wild rattan seats

create a trend rattan seats, taken from the tropical mountains of wild plant vines, processed compiled; ice and not cool conducive to physical and mental health; selection of rattan seats tight, after each one seat for all seiko preparation; very soft and lightweight,, tough and smooth, durable.

thick rattan pillow one pair

noble and elegant, tough and smooth, pillowcases edging used polyester fiber abrasion resistance strong, practical and elegant appearance; in the summer use it very cool head.

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