multilayer bookshelf, rational utilization of unused space, is the home of the necessary furniture

multilayer bookshelf, rational utilization of unused space, is the home of the necessary furniture

high quality elegant shelves, give your home to add a elegant, chic, at a leisurely pace in the afternoon, the quiet of a book, infinite pleasant.

american wood bookshelf

birch wood featured article, high stable coefficient, allowing you to use safe, adhesion fine, let you rest assured that the use of. decorative columns using edgeless polishing, more soft and beautiful.

simple wood bookshelf multilayer

installation method of simple and convenient, without any tools, pure manual installation! material description: on the overall framework of birch wood, laminates made of high quality mdf, environmental protection without benzene dabao paint.

a copy of the temperament, elegant and refined, while reading a book is more representative of the quality of home owners, shelf when show different styles different mindset.

retro painted american wood bookshelf

for more than 10 years painted master carefully drawn, foliage between smart elegant, artistic works.. retro bronze handle, unique charm, in painted foil below, noble atmosphere. of wood to create a pedestal, gourd shape, chic and elegant, strong load, beautiful and safe.

multilayer storage space, function powerful, regardless of when there is a shelf or rack use, or when the shelf jewelry holder they are used, are good enough to meet your changing needs.

american country wood bookcase

this paragraph bookcase for production of russian imports of birch, tai po environmental waterborne paint bright color no taste, and more than 30 road american painting process, solid wood frame, cautiously trapezoidal structure sturdy and durable,, lines of jingyi workmanship, filling the american country style.

can be used as a shelf, racks, shelving, decorations, display items etc function, beautiful and generous and practical.

european multilayer shelves

hundred percent imported pure wood (poplar wood), back and bottom drawer is same to the plywood (wood) three environmental nc primer + double bough green paint and other five road paint applicator. appearance delicate, smooth feel, the appearance of atmospheric, storage space and a strong, easy to mix, odourless healthy green environmental protection with more confidence.

american solid wood corner cabinet

high atmospheric, give clothbound builds in make a bracket, a rack multi, humanized design, and display. display and collectors and other functions in one. bearing super good solid modern minimalist appearance and delicate, smooth feel, the appearance of atmospheric, healthy green with more confidence

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