mug can 't make tea? insulation too long and too bad? i suspect i took leave of the mug

mug can 't make tea? insulation too long and too bad? i suspect that i used a fake mug

mug, it can be said that it now society must have a single product, penetration can be described as basic human hand a. however, for such a universal product, on how to choose and use some of the mistakes we may also it is not very clear.

tea for a long time in high temperature environment of the stale easily rancidity, while the more nutrients will be broken exhausted, the nutrients in tea are also fuelling bacteria, fungal growth, so thermal insulation cup of tea thermal insulation for more than four hours later, for their own health, and still don 't drink is subtle, otherwise they will easily lead to diarrhoea.

of course, if not long or can.

double transparent glass mug

if you really need to use tea mug to install and words, advice or use this kind of transparent glass insulation cup, how many quantity can always look inside, to prevent a forgotten when, put the tea for far too long.

foreign goods tend to be better than domestic? NO, the effect is actually almost, and after all the vacuum is not too sophisticated technology, of course of domestics so who was criticized for not aids, with its quality control checks and technologies do not pay attention to not unrelated! foreign brands often several times more expensive than domestic brands, but the insulation effect could just as well be more than 2 hours just.

with the process of development, mug heat preservation time indeed has been continuously extended, but frankly, we what you really need so long insulation effect, imagine if you found after operating for a morning cup of the water is still hot mouth, how quickly things can change oh.

of course, for me personally, i prefer the long holding time point, after all, i move does not move would forget to drink water, also don 't like and cold water.

opus mug stainless steel 350 ml

opus is i like to use the brand, the size is just, just enough so i drank ml, modeling cute chic enough. also durable enough, home, office all have a.

japan imported wash cup brush long handle scalable

in addition, in order to maintain the mug clean, or prepare a brush to wash the cup right, this thing, i still used of dearer, and after all the rest assured.

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