men 's trend plaything, look at are impressive, successful men comes standard with

men 's trend plaything, look at are impressive, successful men comes standard with

creative upscale men 's business card case

a man away from home, how can a business card? but if with ordinary business card clip, how can show different, this section of creative business card holder, absolute can help you leave deep impression to the other party.

durex creative spoof candy

sometimes with a little mischief under active atmosphere, more will enhance the exchanges between people, this paragraph durex condoms candy is a good props.

men 's leather automatic buckle belt

this section of men 's leather belt, belt the use of genuine leather material, the use of products with reliable quality, durable quality. automatic buckle design, convenient to use. business korean style look handsome fashion connotation. discount fashion, fine workmanship, good quality belt, soft hard moderate.

usb charging lighter windproof lighter

what are the keychain and lighter connected? this section multifunctional keychain, keychain based on joined the function of cigarette, use of a machine, high cost. tungsten lighter, rechargeable for energy, safety and environmental protection. comes with lights, use of a machine. mens is super high cost of a good thing.

retro men 's wallet long section of thin

this mens wallet, using the retro design, long style slim fashion. card bit more fashion design, korean style, more student card wallet soft, style beautiful, exquisite workmanship, good quality.

germany technology nose hair trimmer

this nose hair trimmer, using the 4d floating heads, safe and secure not card hair. do not charge battery for can design, safe and secure, can be the whole machine washing, cleaning up is very convenient. germany technology, workmanship. safe and convenient to use, good operation.

[H2] slim charging treasure m20000

this paragraph slim charging treasure, cute mini size, easy to carry. 2a fast charge, convenient to use. 20 thousand mah battery can charge mobile phone ten times, large capacity, small size, safe and convenient to use. all kinds of mobile phone can be generic, easy and convenient.

genuine playboy pen

this adult playboy models pen, suitable for adult office, student calligraphy used. selection of quality nib, which can be used for removable of ink supply system, stainless steel body, classic pen of the design. is the business office, not second choice of personal calligraphy pen.

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