men also needs maintenance, no old face oh

man also needs maintenance, no old appearance oh

pasty texture rich dense foam design, can deep clean the skin, remove excess fat, and are able to dredge clogged pores, improve large pores.

le times skin lotion for men

fresh oil control, moisturizing refreshing.

biotherm facial cleanser for men

combo moisturizing cleansing, delicate dense foam, thoroughly wash the skin of impurities, while at the same time gently removes old waste cutin. after cleansing the skin is not tight.

for men skin research and development, to add a lot of moisture to the skin, promote skin repair and regeneration, inhibit the youth pox yield, reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, prevent chapped, replenish nutrients and moisture, can effectively delay the aging of skin and enhance skin elasticity and luster. excluding oil, non sticky texture.

blackhead cleanser oil control

the depth of the water, direct muscle at the end, give you the skin moist.

le times skin lotion for men

extremely moisturizing, moment renew. shrink pores, refreshing toner.

add moisture, balance of water and oil, bubbles contains natural plant extracts, mineral essence water with bamboo extract, can deeply into the muscle at the end, effective water.

huan yan lotion conditioning

supply nutrition to the skin, moisturizing skin care moisturizing.

chen shi kou men lotion

mineral salt recipes, healthy body. instant moisturizing, improve skin water and oil balance.

this section is similarly use pitera cleansing cream formula, use 5 minutes after skin can still feel the extraordinary of the efficacy of moisturizing. cleansing cream will mint with unique sake (Ginjo) fusion together, a refreshing after use feeling durable is not refundable.

amino acid cleanser for men

amino acids to maintain strong cleaning power at the same time, more delicate, more moderate, more moisturizing. rich fine cleaning foam, skin like walking in the clouds.

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