many parents do not know how to buy the children toys? four toy could both improve the interest again can increase feelings of

a lot of parents do not know how to buy the children toys? four toy could both improve the interest again can increase feelings of

a child 's house, and there is a treasure. many people enjoy a higher standard of living, to buy the children 's toys are also more and more! child care too much!

and many parents buy toys, are not considered, lecturing to buy, what about the boy 's what to buy as a matter of fact, a lot of kids toys is not what you want! more is needed someone to accompany with him! xiaobian specially remind you: how long to buy the children toys snacks, don 't miss the himself mistakenly the boy! buy many types of interactive toys

beat penguin toy building blocks of ice

for the children to say how important it is to accompany! as parents have not found: you bought toys, always after a certain period of time is children abandoned! why buy child interaction toys, toy building blocks like this paragraph, together with their children accompany each other, play toys, interesting, has also increased the mutual feelings!

children 's outdoor sports iron can lift basketball frame shooting

there are a number of types of movement toy also is indispensable! when you have spare time, shooting together with their children, play sports! it 's healthy, and aroused interest! play together, with trouble!

maybe a lot of parents would say: there 's no time! really small make up said: where you spend time! what 's important, and what is not important, it should be clear!

also don 't take other used as a shield, accompany and witness more important, maybe i missed, just missed all my life!

kitchen simulation fruits and vegetables

a lot of toys are provided with interactive! also is the need for parents and children to play with! small make up think this toy also truly fit for children and parents! like this paragraph kitchen simulation of fruits and vegetables, cut fruit in a tutor to teach kids, take her to know some of the fruits and vegetables, explain where some fruit grew! how nice! can general knowledge and have fun!

child baby educational toys electronic organ with microphone

many of the children born of music sensitive! to stimulate the key in the train! a paragraph of children keyboard can easily stimulate interest, as parents, you can also work with sing along with the children playing music together! how great! dessert more time, accompanying her child!

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