male driver car supplies car on the preparation of this section 5, a girl is willing to sit in your car

male driver car supplies car on the preparation of this section 5, a girl is willing to take your car

how will their car dressed in super beautiful, but also very attract eyeball goddess, give to create opportunities for themselves?

don 't worry, as long as the car ready for these kind of car supplies, goddesses but very reason to piggyback on male drivers in the car oh!

authentic transformers bumblebee car coating agent kit crystal statue

bumblebee with corrosion resistant coating agent not only the role of oxidation, but also can enhance the gloss finish, plating one can hold about half a year, let you in before the goddess more face!!

there are smoking habits of owners of driving will inevitably come when they are a few, but the containment of the car space air does not flow, not only will you be ride personnel used a lot of smoke inhalation, leaves thick smoke flavor, it may wish to put a car air purifier.

xianke automobile car air purifiers

cups shaped car air purifier it is only after reticulation filtration sieve into the cabin and then subjected to the gas separation storage ring cup, pollution, water shield multistage filter, in order to optimize the air, make you feel more pleasant! and this paragraph purifier mini compact, more is so dark goddesses of love.

yushchenko 7 inch screen x700 smart tachograph

this recorder can not only before and after the shoot, record collision video, can also be used for voice voice, very intelligent, goddess sitting in the vehicle more end!

of course the most awkward is in the process of driving, suddenly discovered that over the phone battery or car power supply socket of low!!

yushchenko one with two dual usb car charger cigarette lighter

use very convenient mobile navigation on the ride, but limited mobile phone battery, in case of no electricity available on the trouble, don 't put the car it prepared a car charger, intelligent matching two charging interface, can at the same time for two different electronic equipment charger

car phone holder

this bracket can be very good mobile phone fixed in the outlet, the shape design is very scientific. connect with the introduction of automatic sliding design, can 360 degree rotating.

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