love him, you know him, you know he loves, send him a geek smart small objects

love him, you know him, you know he loves, send him a geek smart small objects

mushroom wooden music box

mushroom creative original wooden music box, very cute design, pocket can be taken away.

time shuttle rocket calendar

creative desktop calendar, rocket shape, cute, wooden texture, to add a little more natural scent for desktop.

wind chimes creative music box

creative wood music box, as a gift for him, let him have a good mood every day.

piece of charging treasure

portable disposable paper charging treasure, this paragraph piece tablet charger for almost all models, it is very compact and convenient.

spray air humidifier

creative spray air humidifier, very creative, outthink it is, this turned out to be a paragraph humidifier

creative hat vertical mouse

creative hat vertical mouse, vertical grip, creative and practical, accord with human body engineering design.

solar tree charger

solar tree charger, solar sensor panels gather energy, two jack output power.

creative 3d printing pen

3d printing pen, a break with the traditional painting methodological artifact, let you fly lines pen out of paper

handheld portable air detector

handheld portable air quality detector, compact and practical, is a creative intelligent air detector.

yunmeng singing pillow

singing pillow, using the space memory foam, according to biological science and aesthetics, and precise design

muscle induction armband

armband muscle sensor, motion control, gesture control, detection of users of the muscles and electrical activity.

travel recorder marker

world universal travel recorder, can be traveled places you label, is a good thing meaningful gifts.

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