long section plus velvet jacket, wear out your han fan

long section plus velvet jacket, wear out your han van

thick long down jacket influx of men

designer brand facecity, this fan has launched this paragraph down, simple style design, with solid color presentation, look fashionable atmosphere. long hooded design, in the winter care neck, warm wind.

large fur collar hooded down jacket

this paragraph coat and long sections, using the loose version of the design, to wear more comfortable. large fur collar design, not only thermal effect is particularly good, but also can improve temperament, winter windproof warm essential, plus hooded design, so the sense of hierarchy of the coat is more apparent.

knee thick long down jacket

long section of the jacket there are many, but the knee but it is rare. this section knee down design very unique of road, using the decorative fake fur hooded design, and give have more the trend of the clothing and body, the interpretation of the revealing a stylish charm.

and long sections hooded padded

even the simple solid design can show handsome handsome tide male temperament, thick padded can stop the winter wind, loose version of the type is not only wear comfortable, also present a more casual feel.

[jacket temperament fashion]

the paragraph down the use of polyester fiber fabric build, soft and smooth, uniform filling inside the fabric, wearing comfortable warm not significantly overstaffed. hooded design, soft care neck, add a few sports vitality breath.

simple hooded coat and long sections

european and american street style long hooded coat jacket. clothes surface showing a neat uniform quilting effect, on both sides of the placket is consistent with creative unique lightning like a dividing line, and in which hidden zipper xiecha bags, in conjunction with the snaps on both sides of the hem slit more sophisticated and stylish.

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