let you know what true lossless sound quality hifi headphones, headphones don 't we will

let you know what true lossless sound quality hifi headphones, headphones don 't we will

devil cat magic sound headphones headset

the introduction of THE special design OF the 40MM big drive high quality unit, standard diaphragm and light weight can be rapid transmission of voice coil thick, strong bass and treble elongated, accompanied by the strengthening of soft ear sound effects.

aspen tsui am800 in-ear headphones

have to say, workmanship really don 't depend on this pair of earplugs, wire strength, flexibility and feel are very good, wood cavity treatment is also remarkable.


sweet clear vocal entry level headphones. high resolution large dynamic broadband. warm and thick atmosphere sense of hearing. double moving coil dual tone tuner acoustic cavity. comfortable wearing ear. stage monitor star fan

philips SHP9500 open headset

parsing, positioning, sound and easy natural feel very good. cold sound, clean, balanced, light voice, large diameter module open design voice very sunshine fabulous sense of details of the super rich

[H2] TFZ SERIES S ear type double dynamic

sweet clear vocal entry level headphones, high resolution large dynamic broadband, warm and thick atmosphere, double action circle dual tone acoustic cavity tuning, n50 magnets plating titanium top unit, low frequency deep star

[H2] AKG N20 in-ear headphones

n20 fashion beautiful appearance, can rely on the face for dinner but also have the goods. n20 voice clear and natural, exquisite, fresh naiting; alto smooth and transparent, good bass, beating strong, the overall feeling of comfort, natural, balanced. very suitable for listening to pop, rock and other music, thousand yuan level within the headset n20 is of great value.

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