let the female driver of the one with the " addiction " several models of car products, known as the section 3rd " case sleepy " t

let the driver one with the " addiction " several models of car products, 3rd models known as the " talisman " anti sleepy

car supplies a wide variety of markets, what are those car products so attractive, so that the female driver of the more you use the more " addiction "?

there are around the front and rear view blind spot car, special case of the narrow roads, many other people, easy to scratch low guardrail or pier.

spider around blind spot camera

free punch installation, waterproof and dustproof. night vision hd adjustable lens, like forward reverse is available, to restore the true view, prevent scratch.

driving special sunglasses

summer in the sun exposure, should of course with a handsome fashion polarized driving mirror, filter clear, without affecting the driving sight, self driving both sporty and stylish.

summer season with a high incidence of accidents is driver fatigue. in such hot weather, sleepy always inadvertently occurs, the driver needs high speed long distances but also to pay attention to.

driver sleepy reminder anti fatigue driving posture correction

the female driver driving essential alone, once a sleepy, looked down will send a reminder voice reminder, wear in the behind the ear, so as to stimulate the central nervous system, help safe travel.

lossless car disk

if you want to drive the spirit of not sleepy head is good, and the best and then listen to songs of spinning. over 2000 popular music, more than 800 hot little movie, refreshing boredom.

the driver drove a long time, and it is hard to avoid back pain and discomfort, that a few days on the special case of, more it is suffering.

intelligent massage health care tournure

ancient massage procedures, support strong comfortable, help blood circulation back, driving more is transformed into a enjoy.

multifunction car bracket

oversized slip pad holder, mobile phone can charge while using, solve the power problem, antiskid mat also can put keys wallet, intimate convenient.

in such hot weather, female drivers favorite fresh fruit, put the car exquisite dessert is not afraid of metamorphism stale.

smart car refrigerator

superior refrigeration capacity, low power consumption, summer in the car, to keep a bottle of drinks icy refreshing thirst.

newman intelligent rearview mirror tachograph

high definition front and rear camera, reversing the image in real time, convenient the driver was observed. intelligent voice navigation, micro letter search vehicles function, the liberation of hands, smart travel.

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