let a woman " brief encounter " of eight kitchen small objects, thieves use also very cheap

make a woman " brief encounter " of eight kitchen small objects, thieves use also very cheap

the kitchen is to make a woman the most afflicted local, dealing with every day and oil pollution, love clean women are very uncomfortable. so what are you going to do in the face of these stains, has of course is the choice of cloth, good cloth and very easy to clean clean grease, while poor wipe rag to make it for a long time. so good a piece of cloth is a woman 's essential equipment.

busy in the kitchen to do every day, most injuries is hand, women favorite xi hand, regardless of the wash plate or wash pot need gloves. towel is also a headache for local, every time after washing hands always need a dry towel, but always wet towel, then you need of super absorbent quick drying towel it.

natural latex household gloves skin care

washing dishes, washing clothes, must use detergent, these chemicals is to hurt the hand, this paragraph natural latex household gloves skin care is to protect your hands, using the finest of natural latex, corrosion resistant flexible, effective protect your hands, the external convex antiskid design, increase the friction, not easy to fall off. washing clothes more effort.

can be hanging coral velvet cloth

this paragraph can be hanging coral fleece super absorbent quick drying towel, is the best choice. super absorbent, a rub on the stem, adopt super soft coral velvet, with comfort and relaxation. not only to wipe the hands clean, wipe the faucet and other metal surfaces are also particularly clean. temporary do insulated gloves, it is also very easy to use.

to eat the remaining things to do, pour it away? stingy, too much waste, eat? can 't eat again, refrigerator? have all. then what you need is a fuse box, compact storage box can storage fruit, also can storage whole grains, covering is very small, can be put everywhere. a housewife kitchen essentials for small items.

is not contaminated with oil disposable wipes

this section of the kitchen household disposable cloth, not dirty, not to hurt the hand, do not wash, with end thrown anywhere, whether it is soup stains, grease, water stains, dirty… gently rub on the clean, very convenient. mummified dual, can be absorbent, used as a wet towel, absorbent, soft and washable, easy to students bacteria.

intrusive storage box

whole grains, youyanjiangcu, there 's no place for it? also make room for these small things in the kitchen? without it, a small storage box will be enough. storage convenient, poured out also convenient, bottle with lid design, open can be poured out. sealing and dust, keep the food fresh, classification of a variety of foods in no trouble.

most of down is in the kitchen, i don 't know runs out of cloth, cleaning ball, these small things where, every time is a casual fling, next time use, also looking for long time, and i believe that we are like me. that this requires a kitchen sink drain basket a.

multifunctional sink storage basket

this section of the APP kitchen sink drain basket MADE of high quality material, special design, can drain, can be accommodated, keep dry storage basket. the kitchen, the bathroom, sink where all can use. beside the sink can be placed soap, bath brush, such as skin care products. can be placed in the kitchen cleaning ball, scouring sponge, soap etc.

plastic storage cradle

this plastic sink drain rack creative strap paragraph. push button design, disassembly is very convenient, hang the tap in the kitchen, place the dish cloth, sponge, kitchen gadgets, better get another good place. porous design, ventilation drain very convenient, keep items dry, also can hang in the bathroom, can be small tools storage wash.

the sink is blocked again? daily cleaning vegetables, chopsticks bowl when there will always be many residues clogged sink, clean up very trouble, also easy to breed a lot of bacteria, endanger human body health, try these kitchen filter internet cafes. even tiny food particles can also be filtered out, no longer for sink clogged and trouble.

drain strainer residues

this section of the nozzle filter made of high quality pe material, good elasticity, general water tank are easy to use. high density, fine food in can be filtered out. easy to use, runs directly you can toss it in the trash. fine mesh, can effectively prevent hair, scraps of paper, food particles entering the sewer pipe.

pentagram kitchen sink strainer

this paragraph starfish shape sucker floor drain, silicone material, candy color starfish shape, whipsaw displacement prevention design, effective help you prevent hair, fruit residue clogging waterways, leak odor, suitable for kitchen, bathroom etc scene. intensive water hole design, easy drainage. lovely starfish shape increase fun for your home.

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