known as the strength as P10/plus mobile PHONE shell, leisurely grass pollen is their hearts in love

known as strength as P10/plus mobile PHONE shell, leisurely grass pollen is their mind love

huawei p10/simple and stylish protective sleeve plus

chinese elements, architectural style and animal flowers for inspiration, to create a literary classic pattern, moving into the simple but elegant color and relief process, texture or times, feel super comfortable. 360 degree drop shock absorption, protection performance is stronger.

huawei p10/p10plus metal frame protective sleeve

a cool metal frame protective shell, does not block the signal, hold it in hand very fashion was dalian, edging corners and drop effect stronger. chassis integration, good removal, does not hurt the machine.

huawei p10/plus full phone shell cartoon

a very creative mobile phone shell, embossed personalized batman pattern design, is very much in line with the sportsman temperament of you oh ~ the whole package design, comprehensive protection love machine from harm. exquisite pattern, feel good texture, take more grades.

huawei p10/P10plus transparent electroplating mobile phone sets

xuanliang plating design, hold it in hand innovative and unique, full of personality. slim design, feel more comfortable, such as the bare hand. surrounded by the whole fuselage design, seamless fit not loose. more style.

huawei p10/Plus smart clamshell holster business

very suitable for business people use of clamshell phone shell, leather texture, highlighting the men 's charm. intelligent panoramic windows, more humanized, no need to flip can answer the call, more use.

huawei p10/plus matte electroplating hard shell

creative three sections design, good installation, assembly more interesting. using electroplating corners, full of gorgeous, take more grades. shell hand paint spraying, such as baby skin feeling feel, let you fondle admiringly.

huawei p10/P10plus silica gel soft shell drop resistance

a paragraph transparent mobile phone shell, slim refreshing, and always maintain the mobile phone original condition. material is not yellow, constantly maintain a thorough flawless, durable. the four corners have airbag protection, effectively prevent the fall caused by pressure, protect your phone to be exhaustive taking.

huawei p10/P10Plus drop matte hard

this is yan value and feel and taste of a paragraph of mobile phone shell, frosted material, comfortable and delicate, in touch, make it difficult to forget. three kinds of color, on behalf of the three kinds of temperament, create belong to your fashion style.

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