kitchen bathroom space a use, is the key to good use and convenient storage of small items

kitchen bathroom space a use, with good and convenient storage of small items is the key

home vegetable and fruit or piling into on the kitchen floor, or you stick it in storage in the refrigerator. whether on the ground or in the fridge, take enough when convenient. but the no littering is occupy space, a little are not pretty.

similar to the small details, maybe in your opinion are not problems. but it is these small details erodes your home space, let your warm home, look a terrible mess.

creative kitchen sink drain basket

similar like dishcloth, cleaning balls such as small items, general of our approach is brush finish the bowl after passing thrown into the sink, or put the bowls in the preservation, use up isn 't it not convenient? but without drain easy breeding ground for some flavor.

but as long as used as drain basket, or is the same suction cup racks storage items. these fragmentary small things, will never become a little trouble in your life. put little effort to get to where you came, convenient and neat.

japan can easily shrink under the sink shelf

based on a similar case, home location is often empty out under the sink, sewer pipes will be the impact of place items. but if you use sink rack, then it will become a place good location for kitchen supplies.

in a second scenario, already use of space, you have not exploited to the full. in the closet youyanjiangcu tea, milk cereal bags or bottled items, if placed in storage baskets, were able to take fuller advantage of the space. slightly with stickers labeling words, oil instead of more convenient.

mouse cable organizer

for the study of litters in the mouse cable, data cable charging cable, doesn 't it make you upset it every day. a less than nine dollars for cable management, would be able to bring you from the pain of obsessive compulsive disorder liberated into the abyss.

if you think you only put the balcony on the flat with shoes drying, it is a serious mistake. vouchers of shoes not only dries slowly, very easy to fly in the dust. used vertical hanging shoe rack, not only effectively save space, and drying effect more fully.

creative storage car

finally regarding some unused space, have you ever thought about using it together. this convenient wishful three layer storage of vehicles, both can be placed in the kitchen to be your assistant in the kitchen. you can also put in the shower, facilitate for your bath.

shampoo bath gel have a place to put, then the dirty clothes also can not just throw. such a paragraph of imported laundry basket, can be placed up dirty clothes home uniform, won 't because the no littering and secondary pollution. laundry basket mentioning below can be up and down into the washing machine, it is incredibly convenient.

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