Kiribati Kids Share What They Love About Their Island Home

Kiribati is a low-lying island nation in the Pacific Ocean, 4,000 kilometres from Australia. People there are having to think about leaving their homes and migrating to other countries, because the rising sea level caused by climate change could mean their islands will be underwater within the century.

BuzzFeed News spoke to young people living in the village of Buariki in North Tarawa, to find out what they love about living in Kiribati, and why it’s so important for them to keep their unique culture and way of life.




People use leaves from the pandanus tree to make thatched roofs for their homes.






In Kiribati, a popular sweet drink is made with toddy, which comes from the sap of a coconut tree.


A Song for Kiribati: When The Water Is Up To Here, That Is The End Of Us

For This Tiny Island, The Paris Climate Deal May Come Too Late

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