Kermit The Frog Took Our “Which Muppet Are You?” Quiz

Recently Kermit the Frog, the world’s most famous amphibian, stopped by the BuzzFeed L.A. offices to answer some very pressing questions, and to also talk about his new series of Disney Channel shorts, Muppet Moments. While here, Kermit took a very important BuzzFeed quiz, our “Which Muppet Are You?” quiz, and finally settled the question of which Muppet he really is.

When it came to picking a song, Kermit went with Coldplay:

Clearly, Kermit is also really comfortable with his body:

It was a tough choice between Animal Planet and Disney Channel, but in the end he admitted that he likes to watch his new shorts:

Kermit kept it old school and went with the only choice available from Muppet Babies:

It’s nice to know he values the same qualities in a friend that his friends value in him:

He also enjoys spending time with his friends over sleeping in:

Who knew he was a fan?

Hmmm…he might have been thinking about a snack more than an actual pet:

I would have taken him for more of an Angry Birds fan:

This was probably the most fitting word he could pick:

And who do you think he got?!

Of course Kermit would get Kermit. =)

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