Just Try Not To Laugh At These Incredibad Holiday Family Photos

1. It’s fun to hang with family who haven’t seen you in a while.

“Here is my snake. Or…possibly some ribbon? Who knows.” —Casey

2. ‘Tis the season to spend time with people you love!

“This would be a great cover for a horror movie.” —Hannah

3. …and, uh, “people” you love.

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“And, uh, Prince Charming has arrived, though he’s much colder than I expected.” —Hannah

4. Hanging by the fireplace is warm and cozy.

“Am I a demon-possessed doll or a human? I still don’t know.” —Kris

5. Decorating your beautiful, majestic tree is a highlight, obvs.

“We bought a tree that was too big for our living room a few years ago. Instead of chopping off the trunk, my dad got super-lazy, snipped the top, and left us with this sad excuse of a shape claiming ‘no one would notice.’” —Ashley

6. And bonding over shared interests? Priceless.

“My grandpa made us wear Penn State hoodies. I still don’t really know why.” —Tim

7. And, of course, pets are such an important part of the holidays.

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“The dog is actually levitating.” —Kristin

8. A very, very important part.

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“My dog Ellie makes everything awkward.” —Leslie

9. But not as much as the perfect attire! Because that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

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“We played dress up with some classic ’70s furs. We look so chic.” —Jason

10. Capture the magic of the holidays with Google’s new Pixel phone, for years of good-natured mockery to come.

But don’t forget to make time to put your phone down for a while and #bepresent this holiday season.

Video available at: https://youtube.com/watch?v=pFywwsF2n5w.

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