inside the toilet a couple of very practical tools, do you have a right

bathroom inside a couple of very practical tools, your house has it

the bathroom is an amazing place, and at the same time also is the important part of the family. good bathroom decorations will make people look very comfortable, even in the narrow space can display not the same scenery. at home to prepare for these items will make the bathroom look more comfortable paragraph neat, clean, bright.

paste bathroom shelf

a bathroom shelf, using the paste way, put inside the toilet, can storage towel, toothbrush, shower gel and other wash items, it is very convenient to use. size is relatively small, does not occupy space.

golden towel rack oh

inside a bathroom towel rack is also very necessary, dry towel after use will be very the damp, use this section towel rack towel could be spreading, keep dry, sterilization, bring a healthy lifestyle.

this section towel rack can be freely of paste, placed in the moving, with metal texture, placed in bathroom which has a special face. can be arbitrary disassembly, easy maintenance.

creative avoid drilling health carton

with the appearance of meng meng, this actually is a tissue box. how could i not use a paper towel inside in the bathroom? this paragraph creative free perforated carton health provides you with a convenient, creative meng meng appearance but also greatly loved by many people.

creative trash foot

in the bathroom there will produce some garbage, nowhere to place will seem very disorganized. have this trash can, foot design to use more convenient. able to accommodate the generation of waste on, making the bathroom become clean and tidy.

this trash can is the foot of the paragraph design, just use the foot can engage in work, not need to use the hand uncovery, lest hand dirty. there are two kinds of way to throw the rubbish, more convenient.

door absorbent mats slip

in the bathroom the door stood a doormat, can slip absorbent, when bathed in entering the increase convenient, won 't fall down, and at the same time can also keep your bathroom clean and tidy, it looks like a wonderful sight.

spray glass cleaner

at home in the bathroom, glass top and there is often some residues, use this spray cleaner, can effectively get rid of these wastes, is very convenient.

this spray cleaner with handle can take hold, use is very convenient. at the same time, powerful cleaning function will become the home is a good helper.

stick through the sewer

sewer toilet easy to jam, this tool will be able to address such issues occurred. use very simple, can be inside the inclusion removal clean, keep health.

toilet bathroom mirror

how can without a mirror inside the bathroom? this paragraph bathroom decorative mirror can bring out your beautiful, easy to dress up, to brighten up your beauty. large wall mirror look out what its self looks like more convenient and intuitive, carding and more convenient.

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