in the summer of makeup? " poly excellent product " awkward makeup make you and not a single day, 8.8 yuan

summer makeup? " poly excellent product " awkward makeup make you and not a single day, 8.8 yuan

genuine yaochun makeup lip glaze liquid dye

more thin, not sticky and not thick texture, durability good, waterproof and not easy to fade, and then use stained, use of the first time will do with lip concealer cream concealer lip, lip color will be very and the united states.

colorless lip balm moisturizing dilute the lip

colorless lip balm moisturizing dilute the lip, if lip peeling is very serious, then put a clean thick layer of lip balm, it in the night, like as lip, lip will be relatively moist, from the case would be a lot better. lip balm can be used day or night.

push and pull style color lipstick

push and pull style color lipstick, it belongs to nourish models, easy spreadable, paste is very soft, easy to pull dry season of use has no pressure. easily draw color lipstick yaochun makeup, comes with bite lip method, each of love of no.

color sandwich lipstick

mouth with the temperature change and change, very lasting moisturizing, feel like cream general, nonstick cup, color natural.

easy to wear lip gloss moisturizing

moisturizing easy to wear lip gloss, rich in plant extracts, moisturizing, moisturizing. follow the lips of temperature color changing, color simple and durable. nonstick cup, avoid embarrassing for a drink of water.

honey like moist concealer

honey like hydra concealer, concealer cream net content is 15g, just a little bit on the can hide small flaws, because of concealer cream texture thick, actually is very durable. unconventional concealer, easy on the makeup is not card powder, silty fine, silky paste, makeup more natural.

four color four grids portable powder box belt puff dingzhuang loose powder

four color loose powder, portable powder box belt puff dingzhuang four grids, silty very delicate, a little touch of rouge incense. there are 4 kinds of colors with a very loose ingenuity, are two color uniform, matte finish, for easy novelty woman to say, regardless of which color number, the other two color to brighten, it 's very hard to get you so fast with bored her.

tricolor lasting makeup loose powder oil control powder

three color lasting makeup loose powder oil control powder, makeup after use, use please cartridge the reversal of the upper and lower light shake, gentle dip of good powder puff, powder puff on down to the earth, can make makeup more lasting nature, way of rotating circle to daub on face. micro particle technology foundation, for the skin to bring beautiful transparent sense, thin breathable.

color trimming powder high gloss powder shadow powder

color trimming powder high gloss powder shadow powder, color trimming powder, can according to their own makeup case easily three-dimensional shape of the contours of the face. exquisite silty fine on the makeup, there will be no phenomenon of ires. cover, brighten, backing, modified, make facial showing natural stereoscopic effect. dark color may also be used as eye, make eye contour more profound.

foundation milk capsule

integrated type foundation milk, collect their isolation, concealer, oil control whitening, moisturizing, repair, this 6 major functions, natural makeup evenly, suitable for makeup to go traveling, or out of what, durable 10 hours control.

ji mermaid wine red four color eye shadow

each will have a basis in the palette eye shadow color, four color eye shadow basic meet the daily needs, is for playing background of eye makeup, eye makeup beauty to the enchanted.

pearl color eyeliner

glitter stone with light angle, can make eyes more smart and the gods, the shifting of ingenious flash, special in the adhesion of waterproof material, can make eyes more durable.

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