in the preparation of the 4, May a trip? how can less got a delicate paragraph suitcase

ready 4, May a trip? how can less got a exquisite suitcase

16 inch small suitcase

whether it 's travel travel abroad luggage is very important for all of us, i want you to go out may bring everything not seldom? but boys seem to take fewer, hehehe.

cute zebra trolley suitcase

so a good luggage carrying the importance of these items you know, so we how to select a suitable luggage, suitcases to buy how much better?

shang yi jia travel storage bag

out of trips abroad luggage by volume and use can be divided into big bag and small bag, large luggage refers to people out of schooling and are carried by, such as tourism, travel office all kinds of flight case, board chassis.

military durable luggage

small luggage is walking in the street you can often see people to carry the usual公牍all kinds of bag, fashion bag, leisure bag and so on. more commonly used small bag everyday, what is important here to tell you the big luggage.

business suitcase

luggage size, there are 18 inch, 20 inch, 21 inch, 23 inch, 26 inch, 27 inch, 29 inch, 30 inch etc.

bao reliance trolley

a little more detail for the 23 inch most commonly used the length and breadth of the box is 610 420 200, 26 inch for 660,490,230mm, 27 inch it is 735,570,250mm.

matte trolley

in addition to the specifications of the luggage outside more varieties, design also has given up on the original four four understand the characteristics of rectangular, edges and corners, and launched the latest streamlined shape. color also in the original foundation of only a couple of wine red, dark gray, dark green, bold hosted some of the popular pretty color, won the young family 's preferences.

suitcase board chassis business

if you have any friends to go out, but we are not know your suitcase to buy much of the suitable, is that you want to go abroad for further study or resident of words, then the specifications for 30-40m2 32 inch king of the air box is your good choice.

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