in addition to iphone, smartphone which is good around 3000 yuan?

in addition to the iphone, smart mobile phone 3000 yuan which is good?

our lives are already can not be separated from my phone, what can not take out, she forgot her mobile phone, like a lost soul, like a day down at the phone, just feel like oxygen sad, just like smoking has been difficult to get rid of the poison, once the low head, looked also is far harder!

the mobile phone has more than the call function, and able to chase drama, playing games online shopping, entertainment and so on, greatly enriches our lives.

today, the smartphone market so many different brands, model is even more dazzling, want to choose from a favorite of cell phones, for most of the friend to tell it really… it 's kind of difficult.

huawei/glory v9 mobile phone full netcom

the use of super clear 5.7 inch k resolution screen, plus 2nd s professional eye technology, long time to watch eye without fatigue. equipped with kirin 960 eight nuclear chip, arithmetic ability not only to enhance significantly, while AT the same time gpu performance has been impressive. also SUPPORTS the FCP fast charge technology.

millet note2 dual card dual standby mobile phone full netcom

the use of 5.5 inch flexible oled screen design, equipped with xiaolong 821 chip, when running or in multiple tasks at the same time play large hand when traveling, can be smooth and efficient operation. hd camera with 22.56 million mega pixel, regardless of the self, or photography can meet the daily requirements.

according to statistics about 3000 yuan of smart phones, has become the mainstream consumer groups of choice.

full netcom x9 smartphone vivo

the use of 5.5 p hd screen, at the same time is also equipped with a front dual camera, self w when lord camera, not only have the background blur function, let the beat out of photos are more artistic conception. selection of qualcomm snapdragon processor and 8g oversized memory on, to ensure more efficient and smooth operation, special bed of troubles.

[H2] Oneplus/one plus full netcom t smartphone

the use of 5.5 inch P hd screen, color clear and moist eyes. the use of xiao eight nuclear 821 chip, front w pixels hd camera, which not only provide 6 gb + GB mix version, there is much more to 6 gb + oversized 128GB运储combinations to choose from.

today, we recommend a couple of small make up for budget of around 3000 yuan within mainstream smart phones, not only high cost, market and good reputation, and at the same time is also a color value and strength of the defensive, whether it is entertainment games, or self daren, are a good choice oh!

full netcom Mate9 huawei smartphone

full range of commerce Mate9, possesses not only 4000mha big capacity battery, endurance ability is quite remarkable. at the same time equipped with a unicorn 960 chip, at the same time end version also used 6 gb + oversized 128GB运储configuration version, performance upgrade of it was pretty obvious.

[H2] Oppo R9s full netcom smartphone

the use of 5.5 inch P hd large screen, at the same time as well as fingerprint to unlock function, use in not only security but also very convenient. front and rear hd camera w, comes with self-portrait function, take out of the picture clearer and seductive. especially flown vooc flash charging technology, no longer for endurance and distress.

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