If You Can Score 75% On This Hockey Quiz You’re Basically A Genius


  • 1.
    Which one of these logos is the real NHL logo?

    Via NHL

    Via NHL

    Via NHL

  • 2.
    How much does the Stanley Cup weigh?

    Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

  • 3.
    Who was first player to score 50 goals in a single season?

    Via en.wikipedia.org
    Gordie Howe

    Via en.wikipedia.org
    Maurice Richard

    Via Stuart Cahill / Getty Images
    Bobby Orr

  • 4.
    What year did the NHL games first officially start?

  • 5.
    What’s missing from this ice rink diagram?

    Center line
    Goal lines
    Blue lines

  • 6.
    Who was the first goaltender ever to be credited with scoring a goal?

    Via Brian Bahr / Getty Images
    Martin Brodeur

    Via HHOF
    Billy Smith

    Via Jamie Squire / Getty Images
    Jose Theodore

  • 7.
    True or false: Pucks are frozen before the game to reduce bouncing.


  • 8.
    Which sea creature was thrown onto the ice in 1952 during the Red Wings’ Stanley Cup playoff run?

    Via Thinkstock
    A crab

    Via Thinkstock
    A salmon

    Via Thinkstock
    An octopus

  • 9.
    Which of these is NOT a real penalty?


  • 10.
    How many players from EACH TEAM are chosen for a shoot out?

  • 11.
    Who was the only player to record 100 points and 100 penalty minutes in his rookie season?

    Via Rick Stewart / Getty Images
    Joe Nieuwendyk

    Via Getty Images
    Joe Thorton

    Via Len Redkoles / Getty Images
    Sidney Crosby

  • 12.
    True or false: For each NHL game, there are always four linesmen and two referees on the ice.

  • 13.
    What is the term for when a player scores 3 goals in a single game?

    Hat trick
    Magic trick
    Goal trick

  • 14.
    How long is a single period in hockey?

  • 15.
    Which of these teams was NOT one of the “Original Six?”

    Via NHL
    Boston Bruins

    Via NHL
    Montreal Canadiens

    Via NHL
    Los Angeles Kings

    Via NHL
    Toronto Maple Leafs

  • 16.
    True or false: A hockey jersey is sometimes called a sweater.


  • 17.
    Before becoming a sports commentator, which NHL team did Don Cherry coach for 5 years?

    Via NHL
    New Jersey Devils

    Via NHL
    Boston Bruins

    Via Jaromír Jágr
    Winnipeg Jets

    Via NHL
    New York Rangers

  • 18.
    True or false: You are NOT allowed to retire a jersey number.

  • 19.
    What material was the first goaltender mask made out of?

    Via Thinkstock

    Via Thinkstock

    Via Thinkstock

  • 20.
    Which hockey player is credited with the following quote?

    BuzzFeed Canada / Thinkstock
    Mario Lemieux
    Wayne Gretzky
    Jaromír Jágr

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    If You Can Score 75% On This Hockey Quiz You’re Basically A Genius

    This was really impressive… if you were trying to fail.


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