huawei p9 mobile phone shell, leather material high quality, personalized and popular

huawei p9 mobile phone shell, leather material high quality, personalized and popular

[H2] moby p9 leather mobile phone case huawei

huawei cell phone in the flagship business models is p9, matching with most business temperament is pure mobile phone shell it, this flexible models sheep skin feel very comfortable, edging used classic radian, look mobile phone more thin.

huawei p9 striae phone shell

universal leather phone case are over a hundred of prices, which makes people feel some slightly expensive, prefer striae texture of friend, also can choose this of striae texture leather mobile phone shell, the appearance of similar with genuine leather.

huawei p9 clamshell phone shell dormancy

big screen mobile phones are easy to broken screen, while such clamshell mobile phone shell, can screen a more comprehensive as though, which comes out of the screen effect, also is equivalent to have energy saving effect.

huawei p9 snakeskin pattern phone shell

snakeskin texture belonging to a luxury striae models, this paragraph will be the subject of electroplating gold edging with snakeskin pattern combination very closely, in particular lens of openings, has the effect of slope surface, for taking pictures without any hamper.

huawei p9 luxury striae phone shell

see striae pattern of mobile phone shell, whether the feel of luxurious temperament, with international brands like cross pattern, let your cell phone more elegant in texture.

huawei clip p9 phone shell

this paragraph clamshell mobile phone sets, in open skin cover one side there can be inserted card storage space, let your mobile phone sets avatar for card holder, convenient and simple.

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