huawei Mate9 phone shell simply not too fine, i want to buy this cell phone

Mate9 huawei phone shell simply not too fine, i want to buy this mobile phone

mate9 huawei phone shell

lightweight, solid, the atmosphere is very suitable for mature men use. comfortable feel, superior protection capacity, does not escape as a mobile phone shell original intent.

lichee pattern phone shell

electroplating leather creative pattern, looks atmospheric grade again. him and transparent silicone shell put together, it was very easy to tell me, which one is more have a face.

[H2] MATE9 canvas material mobile phone shell

material is the use of a canvas, whether they are from the color matching. who can still patterned design is impeccable, is no ordinary phone shell could be compared.

[H2] MATE9 creative board phone shell

creative unusual is the main element of this mobile phone shell, a variety of to make an impression of anaglyph pattern, full of personality, but also in order to earn enough face.

transparent silicone phone shell

there is no design, is a transparent mobile phone shell. but it is hd, high permeability, and set on the bare metal restore perfect after beauty, long-term use also don 't yellow.

[H2] MATE9 whole package phone shell

the whole package of mobile phone shell, mobile phone protection to the upper and lower ends of the screen also, this is in order to protect the mobile phone shell screen. simple atmospheric appearance, will not let you lose face.

[H2] andrew MATE9 dragon phone shell

the black dragons, mighty and domineering. get rid of villain asylum for you in the new year, get rid of bad luck. it also can protect your mobile phone.

mete9 wooden pattern phone shell

grain of wood, carefully polished, feel smooth and comfortable. because is wooden material, use the longer, tactility, luster, the better the appearance.

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