How To Handle A Twitter Sex Scandal: NBA Weirdo Edition

Last night, thanks to those evil geniuses/our friends at Deadspin, we learned about a slightly bizarre Twitter direct message exchange that occurred between a senior in high school and Knicks swingman J.R. Smith in Philadelphia back in January.

Even though the exchange may seem tawdry, the Pennsylvania age of consent means that J.R. was not doing anything illegal, just kinda gross. And there’s no indication he KNEW how old she was.

So if you’re a single NBA player, how do you respond? Do you claim you were hacked? Do you issue an apology?

Do you take to your Instagram account and make an offhand joke about that time you propositioned a high school girl for sex? Guess which one J.R. chose…

I don't know, J.R. That's pretty lighthearted for bluntly propositioning a high school girl.

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