housework with wife " campaign " for many years is a good helper, 10 piece can income bag, buy true value

housework with wife " campaign " for many years is a good helper, 10 piece can income bag, buy from its true value

weekend breaks when returning once again set foot into the kitchen, marriage has been a wife in running the household, just taking advantage of holiday for his wife with the burden, spacious kitchen has been able to keep my house clean and tidy, look out of thing costs a lot of thoughts.

natural coir brush pot is not contaminated with oil cleaning brush skillet

this brush with wife for many years, longer handle don 't pick up handy wet hands would have been in a position to pots and pans clean clean, my wife has been repurchase is justified.

kitchen sink drain water bag storage cradle

with a storage of the cradle will clean tool on the edge of the sink, even if is not familiar with the environment of friends into the kitchen轻车熟路of doing things around it, easily get cleaning tool.

a closer look at the installation is also very convenient, with several buttons width of course feel free to hang in various thickness of the things above.

two fitted with handle cleaning brush

compared with ordinary steel ball, this number has a handle and picked up more effort to facilitate, take the looks effortless won 't slip hand.

reusable silicone fresh film can be stretched

my wife is a very pay attention to environmental protection of the people, so the house was always use this silicone wrap, can be used repeatedly, according to need freedom tensile length width, sealing effect a little are no less than plastic wrap.

some of the usual hard to open cans with this silicone wrap wrapped twist less easily.

drain residue filtering spam network

the sink every day to maintain good health, it is because the clever wife spent filter net, after receiving full picked directly throw trash, never have to worry about plugging.

household absorbent lint cloth

kitchen cleaner oil pollution is a little trouble, but not contaminated with oil cloth to facilitate a lot, all without detergent can clean grease off, rinse with water can be very clean rag.

cloth of the surrounding is the result of delicate lines sewing, won 't say when washing sticky mater dishes are.

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