home wall style enhance law, make home glow the new face

home wall style enhance law, make home glow the new face of

home is our safe havens, is one we have to create a comfort zone, home improvement of style and details deeply influence with this effect. decoration of the style and design of the variety, but there is a very easy to we overlooked but very important part of the–wall design.

do you want blank walls? need some decorative embellishment? how to layout and background both before they will seem simple and comfortable and not monotonous, generous nature also unconventional? these are to be designed in under the action of thoughts.

here to teach you a few moves simple easy to use and remarkable taste of methods, that make their homes on the surfaces of the bracket get up, let 's talk about:. blank. if you have a soft home are very distinctive, commensurate with the size of the effect is more good in pure white words, then let the walls keep the white status is also good, so more show elegant pure white, chic.

plain floral wallpaper modern minimalist home

wall decoration material can not too much tradition, like with all white brick wall texture, look very small fresh. as well as wainscoting, diatom mud, disguised as a wall art paint and other materials are also very characteristics of, but to choose the quality better, look in order to highlight the taste.

chinese modern minimalist living room bedroom wallpaper

using environmentally friendly production process, easy care thick flexible breathable moisture, let your walls look stereo flocking wallpaper high atmospheric also simple, look it feels warm, is a good choice.

then we come back to talk about: light decoration. blank too many walls, if you don 't want to decoration too complex, there is a good approach, is lighting as a decoration, to meet the lighting at the same time also can make a space more layers of clothing.

new chinese lotus wall lamp creative lamps

lamps choice according to their personal preferences given in conjunction with the overall style of decoration. lights with warm color series for the lord is good, and the selection of bedroom warm light is good, and the living room you can choose neutral light.

[H2] creative loft american industrial style wall sconce

clean industrial style design, very fan, quiet black and white lines, do not flatter, do not please, has its own personality. eye light soft, beautiful and good care, to create a unique sense of hierarchy.

a third approach: the use of storage shelf. some are not suitable for blank walls too much, you can also put on a storage partitions or lockers, both can take levin do storage save space, also can with a rich visual sense.

minimalist wall shelf with hook wood board

embedded locker approach to a more integrated, more independent style storage was more flexible. den wall can be put on a simple storage partitions, not only can put some handy needs of books and publications, but also can be placed some decorations or likes the small flowers, add den elegant atmosphere.

free punch decorative wood wall shelves

featured wood material to build, integration of nature 's breath, simple and generous style, exquisite workmanship, for walls and lead to a fresh feeling.

the fourth trick: plants dotted with vigor. choose a little fresh seductive plants to decorate the white wall, simple and affordable, also the beautiful green, let house radiate a different kind of life.

three-dimensional simulation succulents combination wall mural decorations tree stump

this is a simulation of plant wall hangings, naturalness of succulents, creative stakes basin, meng meng cute and seductive, home is also fraught with fresh natural scent.

creative wall mural garden plant pots succulents round

exquisite geometric shapes, mellow beauty, a vintage mahogany color, transparent glass kicker, in conjunction with the green plants, literature and art elegant, decorated walls, super sense of art.

another method is to use some alternative wall pendant: textile decoration. in fact in the software installed, bedding, curtains can be used not only textile, wall decoration also can be used in textile for decoration.

european and american fashion 3d printing hanging wall decoration

you can choose some designs, pattern, material has a characteristic, hung on the wall, it can not only buffer wall hard sense, also can heighten the out thick fan art.

nordic polyester printed banana leaf hanging wall decoration

literature and art of the banana leaf, with plants at home, let a bedroom become comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, it 's like being arboreal tropical forests under the banana trees, listening to the sounds of insects body breeze blowing.

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