home shoes very mess? use this 8 storage tools allow shoes become " disappeared "

home shoes very mess? use this 8 storage tools allow shoes become " disappeared "

dump shoe solid wood color minimalist modern

ultrathin appearance, bid farewell to the heavy shoe era. where you put your all does not occupy space. single dump design, save space, convenient and quick. exquisite shoe, practical strong, allows you to easily travel, no trouble.

nordic ikea modern minimalist shoe

scandinavian minimalist modern shoe thin, ONLY 17CM oh! simple design, fashionable appearance, e1 class environmental plate, imported from germany letter边皮, so practical exquisite shoe, is your choice of home hospitality.

modern minimalist slim multifunction shoe rack shoe

minimalist modern candy color multifunctional shoe, storage more pluralistic, storage more convenient and comfortable. concise outcome, flowing style, show perfect visual sense. also does not occupy too much space, it would simply perfect

european minimalist multilayer simple shoe

continental carved shoe, beautiful and durable, safety and environmental protection. the materials used are unbleached products wood panels, no paint is not affixed to the skin, no paint peeling off troubles. waterproof, mildew, burning! free of formaldehyde and other toxic substances released!

storage bamboo shoe wood paint

simple design, classical and romantic elements into a silk, details of office exquisite decoration, simple and elegant and romantic and elegant. european pastoral style mainly pure natural colors for background color, reveals a warm and quiet beautiful.

dump shoe ikea minimalist modern

scandinavian minimalist japanese new cabinet tipping easily accommodate 12 pairs of shoes. create a modern minimalist temperament and taste is not the same. the intentions of making, each part of the pursuit of perfection, thick wood material, very strong and durable, save space.

slim minimalist modern door dump shoe

using the light piano paint technology, small size, large capacity. not too many of the fine carving, minimalism, xpress life! practical dirt, so delicate shoe, perfect!

le bus simple shoe large shoe

modular storage, capacity is more reliable, more calmly. partitions can be tilt design, more big space utilization ratio. with mute rail, sliding more smoothly. large capacity design very practical, perfect storage for all shoes.

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