home balcony unsightly? it makes your home beautiful 100 times than garden balcony

home balcony unsightly? so let us 100 times than your home balcony garden

indoor potted plants planted strawberry

strawberry for imported varieties, fruit red, smooth and has a bright luster, very beautiful, fruit fine meat, orange, high hardness, more in the juice, flavor, sweet and sour taste!

radiation rich bamboo

lucky bamboo is a small evergreen tree. the beauty and its auspicious lucky bamboo name inseparable. it has a slender elegant leaf, green leaf, its stem section show looks like slub features, but it 's not a real bamboo. china has " blossoming, snapshots " of the message.

indoor balcony bonsai banyan

banyan bonsai main features: rapid growth, exotic evergreens, fibrous, plasticity, vitality strong, of shade, and drought advantages: form the united states, the root plate us, shoot us, color beautiful, unique beauty is the aerial roots of banyan leaves us, fibrous beauty beauty,根蔓beauty beauty, tuberous roots.

potted green dill air purification

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pachira indoor plants

pachira, also known as the money, there are lucky feng shui role, many people like put on such a basin at home or in the office, that is wonderful, also can transfer enrichment, so be it.

indoor potted round monk clivia

in the indoor cultivation of clivia plant community, especially large leaves hypertrophy, there are a lot of pores and villus, can secrete large amounts of mucus, after air circulation, can absorb a large number of dust, dust and harmful gas, indoor air play a role of filtering, reduce dust content of indoor space volume, make air clean.

indoor potted phalaenopsis

decorate your own balcony, it doesn 't take a lot of strength, little thoughts are the most visible manifestation of the owner of the taste, phalaenopsis flower is the most beautiful flower, use it to modify the balcony is beyond question practice!

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