home add a baby point mosquito afraid " very toxic "? raise a repellent plants pots, nontoxic effect

home added baby point mosquito afraid " very toxic "? raise a repellent plants pots, nontoxic effect

potted plants murraya

very small fresh a paragraph of potted plants. four seasons evergreen, there is sunlight also grow better, expelled from the fresh small white flowers. flowers with a touch of fragrance, murraya this name is done using that method. as well as indoor and outdoor can support oh!

mint potted plants

mint fragrance can remove bad taste in room, very suitable for at home. this section of small potted mint, green leaves very keep the eyes. role of distinct fragrance and repel mosquitoes, placed on the computer desk can also in the field of radiation protection.

marigold plants potted

marigold has good meaning, at home to bring good luck. flower seeds is from south africa to bring in what it needs, and so out of the exotic chrysanthemum, color and rich, very beautiful. put a bowl of home moments full of vitality.

rosemary plants potted

summer is always subject to the bite of mosquitoes, use it unsafe flavor mosquito repellent and bad smell, so natural plant pot is very important. potted plants at home and put on a pot of rosemary, distribute out of natural fragrance, non poisonous and harmless mosquito, troubles won 't have to worry about it.

tuberose potted plants

tuberose is filled with mystery, smells like a natural floral fragrance at night to sleep, comfortable but it again. during the day and watch eyeful green, vibrant, and i feel very good. when i went to bed at night with beautiful flowers and floral, can have a whole night of dreams.

sundew plants potted

sundew is very charming small insectivorous plant, home and put on a pot of potted plants, what flies mosquitoes have been lost. it looks crystal clear, hung dew is very beautiful, pendulum at home bedroom balcony all can.

wood fragrance potted plants

put on a pot plants at home, it will bring full of vigor, mood also will be changed for the better. this section of the fragrance of wood pot is the four seasons evergreen, flowering also will be circulated at the touch of fragrance, very fresh and good smell. in addition to the mosquito, also can pocket the indoor air.

potted plant grass lattice

nepenthes is an extraordinary piece of herbivorous animals and plants, the leaves can be tempted to mosquito inside. at home put on a pot pitcher plants, henceforth no longer have to worry about the bite of a mosquito. all year round is evergreen, also can change color very beautiful.

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