high speed running on long distance, bring this talisman " paragraph 8 " long, safe and comfortable not tired

at high speed running long distance, bring this talisman " paragraph 8 " long, safe and comfortable also not tired

small holiday, the arrival of vehicles on the more common in crowded cities, owing to the exceptional reasons, on high speed run long lift that is certainly cannot be avoided, in order to be safe, small make up think it may wish to take on a few pieces " talisman " long distance, it is not only safe and comfortable also won 't tired yo, then you should come and have a look at it together.

first of all it is a, car charger long distance but can not be less, not only can solve the various life of electronic equipment, also can achieve in road safety in driving.

memory foam neck pillow car seat neck pillow

then there is this section, has car headrest pillow, can alleviate drive in posture, and head and neck fatigue sense, permeability is also very good.

philips car charger

this convenient car charger really good make, also has dragged three cigarette lighter function, even the top switch is also very convenient.

whether they are traveling by car, or long distances, driving time often overworked it was certainly can not be avoided, but small make up feel a, car inflatable mattress, bring not only prepared for, but also very safe and comfortable.

car phone holder

let 's first take a look at this paragraph, car phone holder, phone according to the above, more play a safe driving protection effect.

car air mattress

a little smell of none of this paragraph, car inflatable mattress, more will win your kiss lai, lying above suddenly had no sense of fatigue.

although in a crowded in, we can choose to long distances, but you can 't keep old in there run, you were less than some very lot, a new electronic dog radar, but very need.

newman beidou electronic dog

hurry to look at this paragraph, the new electronic dog radar gun right, speed measuring precision and safety warning effect, it 's gonna make you very satisfied.

hidden tachograph

below is this paragraph, hd dual lens tachograph has, it 's parking monitor and gravity induction of the effect is very good.

friends long distances, or in high speed, can don 't figure yo save only drink mineral water, in cold weather, it can lead to many diseases, is therefore a car electric cup is much needed.

[H2] v portable multifunctional high pressure inflatable pump

really like this, car inflatable pump is also very good, modeling beautiful atmosphere, is also very convenient lightweight, can also be hidden storage.

car electric heating cup

that last one is this, car electric cup, have it can solve the long drive, or bad appetite 's friend.

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