hidden several models baby life is a good thing, and in particular paragraph 5th, effective and inexpensive

hidden several models baby life is a good thing, and in particular paragraph 5th, works don 't cost very much

baby shampoo shower cap waterproof ear silica gel

no longer have to worry about the hereafter shampoo when the water enter the baby 's eyes and ears, it is safe and convenient. material is soft and high elastic, so don 't worry about hurting the baby. a hat can be used for a long time oh, very value.

given medicines anti choking buy two get one artifact

is given with scale can be displayed on the dose of medicine, will be inhaled medicine is given within the, all send into baby 's mouth, slowly to flow up into the esophagus and inside, potion won 't waste, baby also won 't produce the feeling of vomiting.

eat baby bibs waterproof stereo

fed essential artifact! silicone material is soft not to hurt the baby 's delicate skin, waterproof, stereo, no odor. can effectively prevent the food off on baby clothes, can be cleaned after use, easy to use!

baby safety nail clippers

newborn special scissors, heads of both short and thin, can clearly dealt with newborn baby small nails, and there will be no sound when cut, ordinary nail clippers can be because she couldn 't oh!

baby temperature change color spoon soft head

spoon head edge using the plasticity of elastic system into, protect skin from being scratched, spoon head elastomer material with temperature change, suggesting food too hot, not feeding, toxic materials used, tasteless, rest assured purchase.

[H2] soft led light ear pick

adults and children can use, is the family needs of small objects oh. who used will also help to ensure that you have been introduced to other people of, because there really is a good product.

out portable milk powder sealed cans

layered independent open style milk box, very easy to carry out, each layer are with opening can be separate to use, more convenient than ordinary milk box! (only the upper part of the ordinary milk box one of the openings, points and then layer not easy to use)

bb porridge pot pot boil

many mom thinks stew porridge slow as a matter of fact, porridge stew this thing it has always been this way, slow cooked slow stew stew can be spotted. if fast boiling, puff puff three two good, how can it is ripe cooked may be bad!

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