Here’s What Happens When A Big Dog Collides With A Dachshund On The Beach

A few months ago, Maggie the wiener dog was just hanging out on the beach, minding her own business, when a much larger dog bounded onto the scene.

Look at him bound!

Maggie belongs to my awesome mother-in-law, btw.

Maggie did her best to escape the oncoming collision, but her tiny little legs just couldn’t move fast enough.

Oh no!

And then physics took over.

You can totally laugh, because no dogs were injured in the making of this video or GIF.

Maggie got up after the ill-fated encounter and continued hanging out on the beach as is nothing ever happened.

Here she is after the beach incident, looking dignified as hell, and no worse for wear.

Enjoying the sunset.

Check out the full fracas in the video below to see Maggie get just a little tripped up.

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