hand designed for, carefully paired man playing walnut hand pieces ~

specifically for veterans, careful matching of man playing walnut hand pieces ~ ~

at the beginning of man playing walnut walnut play fine

no small size 44.x cm in diameter, high also have 3x. xcm. is an old nuclear, there were at least 4 years. friend or good, angular, no defect

unicorn pattern laishui hebei yong large mandarin 48mm

hebei laishui hemp walnut of unicorn pattern yong large mandarin. choice of 47 to 48mm matching leather good overhand same size color beautiful patina is pile plump succulent heavy real playing up to feel

boutique yong armchairs 50mm

size: edge 46.5/46.5 belly 44/44. 5 high 53/53. the original rare natural pile pile, slight color difference, to understand

man playing walnut lionhead stars

appearance elegant neat, big tip thick crust, concave bottom skin firm. edge size 43.76/43.42 belly 42.2/41.89 high 44.82/45.2

the millstone lion head boring tip

the sides of the belly size size 39*37.6 * height size 32.6. boutique are grinding. matching leather good friend

unicorn pattern mandarin yong

the sides of the belly size 44/44 size 42/42 size height 43/43 for the month of September under the tree, the disc to play easy to color.

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