good horse with a good saddle, good tea with nice cans, dad a ninth paragraph fancy darongshan tang ming interest in tin cans

good horse with a good saddle, good tea with nice cans, dad a look first nine darongshan hall tea tin cans interest

chinese red tea caddy

chinese red tea caddy, except for storing tea outside, it also can as table decorations around, workmanship is very exquisite, rich chinese red pattern color, coupled with the talisman effect of kiln, very bright colorful.

tea pu 'er wide mouth general chaguan

sealed tin tea tin, ore longquan celadon, ingenuity and prepared, meditate and nostalgia, four seasons zen. tea caddy for matte material, simple and elegant, smooth rounded guankou, better sealing.

darongshan hall pure tin tea caddy

darongshan hall tea drinking tin cans, simple without losing the atmosphere, elegant and practical, modeling exquisite, beautiful artistic conception, also can keep tea, but also when the decorations oh, gifts to share.

upscale sealed ceramic tea caddy

purple was a dual pore structure, it is a porous material, with high quality made of purple clay tea caddy breathable performance is good, upscale seal can keep tea fresh, make you more creamy and delicious tea.

yixing tea caddy

this paragraph yixing tea caddy, there are different kiln process effect, looks very artistic feeling, very smooth forehead, yan value ultra high oh, look to every person on it full of praise.

yixing tea caddy darongshan hall

darongshan hall canisters, antique yixing purple clay, to give as gifts to share. color vintage simple, poetic images, sealing strong, without losing the flavor of the tea.

fu qing ru tea caddy

fu qing ru tea caddy, modeling simple and chic, fine porcelain glaze white, glittering and translucent lubrication, so person fondle admiringly, gift or leisure time good tea taste of essential goods.

yixing tea caddy

yixing tea caddy, is governed by the system of natural ore yixing clay, texture is very hard, and glazed looks very natural, exquisite vintage shape looks very consistent with the tea.

tea caddy king

extra large tea caddy, dignified atmosphere appearance, practicality and artistry of the coexistence, ensure that the seal of at the same time, also can better wake up tea. make tea more pure and fresh.

carpenter technology embossed suet jade porcelain tea caddy

suet jade porcelain tea caddy, pots outside light is very smooth, kiln transition effect is very beautiful gorgeous, it 's white glaze thick, like look like jade, very have grade.

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