garden landscaping on in this 8 kinds of flowers and trees, both displaying another gallery, to create the garden level courtyard

garden landscaping on in this 8 kinds of flowers and trees, both displaying another gallery, to create a courtyard garden level

when flowering cherry tree courtyard

cherry blossom sakura belongs to rosaceae genus, there are more than 300 varieties, in the period of the tang dynasty had been prevalent in private courtyard, when nations to north korea by japanese messenger brought back.

potted garden ornamental bamboo zizhu

bamboo is evergreen trees, cultivation has a long history in our country, there are also a lot of bamboo products, bamboo can also be eaten fresh, delicious, normally were planted with pine, plum.

roses climbing potted flowering plants

garden planting roses is the largest number of flowers, its many varieties, long flowering period, the amount spent a large, highly ornamental, deeply loved by many people.

when flowering hong gui osmanthus tree stump

hong gui is a new variety of osmanthus, it can flowering seasons, very strong aroma, in the soil requirements is not high, easy to plant and easy to live with.

garden green camphor trees

camphor tree is an evergreen tree, reaching an altitude of 30 metres, the crown expansion, sap is dense, spectacular atmosphere, for chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, ozone and fluorine inherently resistant, can drive mosquitoes, excellent material.

ziwei garden seedlings

crape myrtle flowers coincides with the time of late summer and early autumn, other flowers long open thanks, it can open three months, but also has the " hundred days " said.

magnolia garden plants

magnolia belonging to deciduous trees, flowers before it leaves open, hua xie before starting to sprout new bud light green, the flowers will likely but aesthetically, is early spring season good flowering varieties.

pungent woody seedlings garden plants

woody has yellow and white two kinds of, it belongs to small shrubs scandent, roots can be used as medicine, flower special incense, flowers can watch when, how far can smell them, is very comfortable.

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