finally there is padding has improved version cheongsam dress goddess of also can wear, put on after full of flavor

finally have the extra padding has improved version cheongsam dress goddess of also can wear, wear full of flavor after

korea retro original chinese style cotton cheongsam dress

this used paragraph cheongsam dress plate buttons design, classic and elegant, with flowers hang, both traditional chinese vintage literature and art wind, fusion of modern aesthetic elements, dignified atmosphere.

cotton chinese style cheongsam dress republic

this paragraph cheongsam dress hem using split design, design smart and lively, action is also very convenient. water paste printing process, reproduction of the republican woman elegant and dignified.

chinese vintage literature and art linen summer dress

comfortable cotton material, combined with the elegant shape of joy, this section dress summer wear must be very cool. beautiful floral embellished, dignified atmosphere.

original chinese drunk red improved cheongsam long section dress

this paragraph the use of improved cheongsam dress small v-neck design, smart with some sexy. double layer design, not through the worn alone. oversized skirt design, upper body elegant but not assertive.

chinese women 's cotton vintage plate buttons cheongsam dress

this paragraph the biggest feature is the neckline of the dress plate buttons design, very literature and art. coupled with elegant flower embroidery, wear more full of flavor.

chinese improved cheongsam long section short sleeved cotton dress child

the north has beauty, peerless and independent. using cotton material, wearing breathable cool. big flower print, full of art fan children.

chinese national wind retro cotton jacquard dress

wide loose loose cheongsam dress, even with a little meat on their bones can also be maintained to cover. simple straight sleeve, used 100% jacquard cotton, breathable and comfortable.

ethnic style women 's dress cotton costume summer

small stand collar design, very good modification of the cervical curve. closeout curved hem, more simple and elegant. elegant red color, must wear must be very beautiful.

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