feng shui masters tell you, these models can feng shui ornaments lucky

feng shui masters tell you, these models can feng shui ornaments lucky

opening feng shui lucky unicorn ornaments one pair

stone carving pair kirin, left foot step on the fox ball, meaning blessing to blessings. right foot ingot, meaning making plenty of money. evil promoted to share.

opening kirin town house wealth

a variety of different materials, different styles can meet different crowd of aesthetics. meticulous workmanship, feel smooth. town house feng shui treasure.

large rockery water ornaments

large rockery ornaments, unique shape distinctive. lotus water garden style suitable for display in living room, office and other places.

creative rockery water fountain ornaments

very creative decoration rockery water fountain, spray effective humidifying the air, also can rise to purify the function of the air.

lucky brave ornaments

selection of high quality resin material, environmental protection and safety of health products. advanced technology and exquisite workmanship exquisite atmosphere, placed in the living room of the office.

large feng shui wheel rockery floor decoration

large feng shui ornaments, resin of high quality raw materials, advanced production technology, lines clear and easy to clean, does not fade.

living room european style creative home decorations

highly personalized ivory style, burgeoned, feng shui wheel poignant, meaning endless extra cash flows come.

entrance decoration feng shui ornaments

european creative home decorations, in conjunction with the feng shui principles, symbolizes the fortunes, could also serve to humidifier the role of air.

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