female underwear correct washing methods, can prevent the growth of bacteria, you need to remember

female underwear correct washing methods, can prevent the growth of bacteria, you must bear in mind that a

ladies beautiful girls, you wash the underwear? you 're never been up in an aeroplane before wash, wash or a few days? in fact her panties and we are the most personal, if bad could seriously damage the health of cleansing!

underwear the first major element is the cleansing, wash after exposure, please don 't be embarrassed, only uv can help us kill the bacteria on the underwear.

also, don 't goof off, can 't and coats, socks underwear such as shower together, that would be more wash more dirty!

japan imported underwear special cleaning agent

so no clean underwear, and it is also a very dangerous thing. this section is devoted to the sterilization of, especially for vaginal discharge of residual stains on the underwear, the effect is super good.

shu times net underwear special cleaning fluid

as we all know, the holidays for the last few days, or gynaecological uncomfortable when, will with smell, and this paragraph underwear cleaning fluid can not only deep sterilization, but also can eliminate peculiar smell oh!

for many girls that, every time he comes to vacation on underwear cleaning can not afford the blood is not very upset it.

japanese female physiological panties cleaning agent

this paragraph is japan female physiological period panties, panties of contaminated blood stains on research and development. it can thoroughly when blood or physiological menstrual vaginal cleansing of sticking to the stain. just soak for 20 minutes or so you can completely remove, without strong scrub, very convenient!

underwear special cleaning fluid sterilization to soak

this cleaning fluid it, contains natural tea tree oil essence, not only powerful detergency, on the body it is also very healthy, and after wash underwear, there is a hint of fresh breath!

small make up must remind a lot of girls, new buy back underwear must be cleansed of oh, there are a lot of new underwear bacteria, just think about it, from the production to the logistics, and finally to shop, it can be said that is not only bacteria, so clean is very important!

ms. hand wash underwear special detergents

this paragraph is to clean up antitoxic sterilization of, say, it not only can remove all the underwear bacteria, but also can to maintain long-term, prevent virus invasion!

of the earth choice underwear antibacterial cleaning liquid

if more lazy girls, there 's no problem, this is machine washable underwear antibacterial cleaning liquid. it can deep clean underwear, natural plant extracts, can protect the underwear is not fade, not only for security, also there is no any stimulation oh!

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