extraordinary beach shoes, the release of the baby foot pressure, let the baby " fly "

extraordinary beach shoes, the release of the baby foot pressure, let the baby " fly "

summer open toe sandals boys

leather lining, lining is more breathable than general, reduce the part of hot and in contact with skin, swollen lining design, not le feet, do not wear the skin, care of every detail, classic beach shading, flat road, beach free was soaked, more delicate small pattern, wear slip, from each one of the details of the protection of children.

boys leather sandals shoes

bold hit color, concise fashion, cool. shoes are breathable hole, breathable wicking comfort, let the children when wearing full tidal range. foot care heel and toecap upturned 15 degrees, intimate care foot ministry of health. soles wear slip texture, flexible, high security, let in the light and comfortable spend happy play of the day.

summer new shoes for men and women

wear breathable synthetic leather uppers, easily sacrificed and anti aging, beautiful and generous; the soft and comfortable mesh lining, with breathable moisture wicking function, so your feet dry and comfortable; double velcro design, convenient and fast, more fit feet, can rest assured bold movement

summer children sandals simple

a paragraph open toe sandals boys wear, neat craftsmanship, put on very fresh and natural, temperament pure white highlight the extraordinary taste. buckle design, simple and elegant and durable engaging.

children sandals child sandals breathable

suitable for summer wear. casual fashion appearance followed the trend pace. distinctive midsole cushioning spring, md + rubber sole, shock buffer have resilience, and antiskid wear resistance, make movement more smooth walking safer.

kids beach shoes male baby

the use of classic black and white hit color decoration, simple and elegant, give the baby bring fashion sense; made of soft pu material uppers and soles slip for the comprehensive protection of delicate feet, let the children free running of the summer!

boys beach shoes breathable

the spacious open toe toe cap, comfortable and not crowded little feet. uppers for leather material, soft and comfortable, care of the baby 's delicate skin. department of buckle velcro design, easy to wear off, the ability to exercise.

baby leather sandals soft bottom

concise uppers design spell color increased sense of lively, exquisite open toe toe, disclosing a small toes let the baby cool and comfortable, comfortable don 't foot wear; durable velcro, can be repeated paste, solid wear, anti off shoes.

leather sandals for children

high quality rubber soles elastic soft, with precision and orderly shading, slip and safe. velcro adhesive, easy to wear off, and at the same time also can exercise baby 's ability. slip outsole abrasion resistance, steady walking comfortable, especially suitable for baby restless.

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