exquisite is reflected from the details at, so beautiful wallet, do show a woman elegant taste

exquisite is reflected from the details at, so beautiful wallet, do show a woman elegant grade

small fresh long wallet

fabric is the use of handling of hit color stitching, with lace decoration fashion metal decoration, is very lovely, also can be customized lettering, give it away is also a good choice oh.

new ultra thin wallet

this is a long section of simple style, fresh and elegant blue haze, with a little bit of mystery, inside with card bit more design, the card is not afraid more!

new wallet with diamond

this section very flash oh, flash glass with golden edges with high quality a drill, overall mix fashion flow pattern decorative hardware, simply don 't too light! capacity has also been significant in, put the mobile phone can be had.

small fresh geometric wallet

fresh pink, accessory with metal texture, smell fresh and lovely with fashion metal style, very wild a paragraph. this section as well as with other color, word to select their favorite.

new leather wallet card bit more drawstring

this section is a short paragraph wallet, real leather fabric feels very good, drawstring closure, whole a couple of simple and elegant, fresh and natural, short paragraph design, travel to carry very convenient.

first layer of leather long wallet

this paragraph is of soft cotton material, very classical temperament, vintage wallet. the use of first layer of leather, the texture is very good. there are other color can choose this section oh.

new sheepskin woven tassel short paragraph wallet

this section of fabric is very special, is the introduction of an eyelid material of woven, tactile, although it is short design, but is folded style, inside capacity is quite adequate, general travel needs can be met.

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